191 – Orpheus Mandala

House of Orpheus - photo by Michelle Renee Columb
House of Orpheus – photo by Michelle Renee Columb

Continuing her travels in Morocco, my friend Michelle, visited the archeological site of Volubilis where she photographed this Roman mosaic of Orpheus and wild animals in the House of Orpheus, which dates back to 300 AD.

The mosaic is situated in the triclinium, the dining room, where the diners would have reclined on couches set against the walls and admired the central mosaic.  – from Wikipedia

The craftsmanship in this piece is spectacular. What’s difficult to grasp from this photo is the size of this floor. It boggles my mind as to how putting together a whole lot of small square tiles, when laid in a certain way, can turn into this amazing work of art which includes a multitude of symmetrical angular and circular patterns to images of people, trees, and animals.

How cool would it be to have a floor like this in my house! I can see my husband’s eyes rolling already.

Happy Coloring!

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