186 – Orbits Mandala

Venus and Earth Orbits - by Ensign Software
Venus and Earth Orbits – by Ensign Software

How cool is this.

Inspired by John Martineau’s book, ‘A Little Book of Coincidence‘, Howard Arrington, of the charting software company, Ensign Software, posted this article about the dances of the planets where you take the orbits of two planets and draw a line between their positions every few days…in this case Venus and Earth.

Because the inner planet [venus] orbits faster than the outer planet [earth], interesting patterns evolve.  Each planetary pairing has its own unique dance rhythm.  For example, the Earth-Venus dance returns to the original starting position after eight Earth years.  Eight Earth years equals thirteen Venus years.  Note that 8 and 13 are members of the Fibonacci number series….Watching the Earth-Venus dance for eight years creates this beautiful five-petal flower with the Sun at the center.  (5 is another Fibonacci number.)

Reminds me of the drawings I created as a kid using a Spirograph.

I love when science-y stuff makes amazing mandala art.

Happy Coloring!

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