305 – Golden Wheels Mandala

Golden Wheels Mandala by Victor Djaja
Golden Wheels Mandala
Photo by Victor Djaja

I LOVE today’s MotD…it touches my heart and soul. Here Indonesian photographer Victor Djaja combines the ordinary (bicycle) with the sacred (I Ching Mandala) capturing the full spectrums of yellows, golds, and browns so beautifully, creating a beautiful flow between all the components within the photo.

Victor presents to us a variety of mandalas starting with the I Ching window art (note the complete set of 8 trigrams around the circle), the wheels of the bike, and the round burnt umber spots (one above the I Ching, one just above the rear tire of the bike).

About this photo, Victor states:

[the] bicycle is a common transportation in Hanoi,Vietnam…i saw this yellow bicycle when i take a walk in Hanoi..with old yellow painted wall in the background..

In many of my mandalas, I tend to use mostly bright colors. Victor’s photo inspires me to play more with the warm tones of yellows, golds, and browns.

What colors do you tend to use?

Happy Coloring!

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