2016-082 – Cyclone Eye Mandala

Typhoon Amber - SSEC/CIMSS, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Typhoon Amber – SSEC/CIMSS, University of Wisconsin–Madison

This week’s MotD theme: The Eyes Have It

From SSEC/CIMSS, University of Wisconsin–Madison comes this fascinating satellite imagery of 1997’s Typhoon Amber “exhibiting an outer and inner eyewall while undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle” [wikipedia: Eye (cyclone)]. 

From NOAA about “eyewall replacement cycles“:

“…naturally occur in intense tropical cyclones… . As tropical cyclones reach this threshold of intensity, they usually – but not always – have an eyewall and radius of maximum winds that contract to a very small size … . At this point, some of the outer rainbands may organize into an outer ring of thunderstorms that slowly moves inward and robs the inner eyewall of its needed moisture and momentum. During this phase, the tropical cyclone is weakening … . Eventually the outer eyewall replaces the inner one completely and the storm can be the same intensity as it was previously or, in some cases, even stronger.

You can read more about the “eye” via NOAA’s FAQ page.

Inspiration for Today

How intriguing is it that with all the chaos and destruction happening throughout a storm like today’s MotD, the eye appears calm, clear and quiet. It inspires us to follow its lead in that regardless of the chaos that may be going on all around us, it serves us best to remain calm.

Just like it takes the movement of air to create the storm’s eye, so too does it take the movement of air within us (deep breathing) to help us attain this same calm state.

Happy Coloring!

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