2016-155 – Dean’s Blue Hole Mandala

Dean's Blue Hole - photo by Daan Verhoeven
Dean’s Blue Hole – photo by Daan Verhoeven

New Week::New Theme: Holy Moley! 

Freediver and photographer, Daan Verhoeven, captured this beautiful photo of Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Basically a blue hole is an underwater sinkhole…and in this case it also surrounds itself with a gorgeous tropical setting on three sides and an underwater sandy beach on the fourth.

With Daan’s photo we can see different shades of blue; from the bright blue in the sky to the teal blue of the hole, and the dark blue of the ocean. What an amazing palette!

From DeansBlueHole.org:

…Dean’s blue hole is the deepest and considered one of the most beautiful ones as well.

It is widely considered to be one of the world’s best diving and snorkeling site.

The water is very clear as its visibility reaches up to 30 meters. The blue hole’s deepest point is 202 meters (663 ft) but if you pass the hole and swim around, the depth of the water will be only waist-deep. Because of its enclosed nature, wind does not reach it and there are no big waves either, making it an ideal place even for beginner swimmers.

In Dean's Blue Hole - photo by Daan Verhoeven
In Dean’s Blue Hole – photo by Daan Verhoeven

You can learn more about free diving at Dean’s Blue Hole via LeisurePro.com site.

And you can view more of Daan’s photos of Dean’s Blue hole (both above and below) via his flickr page and on the DeansBlueHole.org photo gallery page.

Inspiration For Today

Daan’s photo offers us a wonderful visual and metaphor for connecting deep within ourselves. On the surface we may paint a lovely image of ourselves that the world can easily see. What, however, lies beneath the surface that we let very few people see? Do we even dare to look there ourselves?

Maybe sometime this week we can take a moment to meditate using this scenario:

imagine ourselves arriving at this lush tropical paradise, enjoying the warm white powder beach, wading slowly in and through the shallow water. As we inch our way, step by step, deeper and deeper, ever closer to the edge of this blue abyss, set an intention to glean one new thing about ourselves that we have yet to learn. Then allow ourselves to dive into the hole, dropping slowly, deeper and deeper, knowing that we can take as long as we need here because we can easily breathe in this place and we are totally safe.

Once down there, ponder these questions (or any of your own):

  • What do I see?
  • How does it feel?
  • Which direction do I feel pulled to explore further?
  • Who is down there with me?
  • What do I want to bring back up with me?

Happy Coloring!

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