2017-115: Japanese Geometry Quilt Mandala

Japanese Geometry Quilt by GladiQuilts.net
Japanese Geometry Quilt by Gladi Porsche

This Week’s Theme: Quilts.

Quilt artist, Gladi Porsche, of GladiQuilts.net, created this gorgeous Japanese themed quilt entitled Japanese Geometry. I love the mix of straight lines and curves, symmetry and asymmetry. And the colors…just beautiful!

About this quilt she states:

I designed this wall quilt to show off oriental style fabrics and my love of circles as a design element.  I’ve actually made 5 others in different fabrics, two as donations to silent auctions and three as gifts.  Machine appliqued and pieced and hand and machine quilted.

Japanese Geometry Quilt - up close
Japanese Geometry Quilt – up close

About herself she states:

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and hard working physician.  I am an avid reader, enjoy many kinds of music (especially classical) and love traveling with my husband and exploring new places.  Tucked into whatever spaces I can find in my very full life is my passion for making quilts.

Check out more of her stunning quilts via her online gallery.


“I like Betsy Ross as a model, too, the quilting bee, sitting around with your friends making art, asking what they think, so that you get the benefit of everyone’s opinions and so it’s not just about you in your you-dom.” ~ Kiki Smith

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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