2017-149: Watermelon Radish Mandala

Watermelon Radish - source: FabFoodLover.wordpress.com
Watermelon Radish – source: FabFoodLover

This Week’s Theme: Veggies.

From Fab Food Lover comes this bright and cheery photo of watermelon radish slices as part of her blog post recipe for watermelon radish pickles. Until finding her post, I only knew of the traditional red radish with white interior. What glorious colors! And how about the patterns! Very cool.

About this radish she states:

Watermelon radishes are an heirloom varietal from the daikon family. In an old Chinese-American dialect they are called shinrimei, which translates to “beauty in the heart.” Considering the gorgeous pink-to-magenta interior, this rather non-descript white, bulbous radish most definitely has a beautiful heart.

About herself she states:

My whole life, I have been obsessed with food. Until recently that obsession was rather unhealthy. But as I have grown and healed, so has my relationship with food.  Actually it is because of my relationship with food that I have been able to get healthy.

Through my obsession with food and how it is made, I have found an incredible community and a way of life that is extremely gratifying.


“As any gardener will tell you, the cycles of nature require patience…Even a fast-growing vegetable like a radish requires time.”
M. J. Ryan

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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