2017-161: DIY Pinwheel Mandala

DIY Pinwheel by Childhood101.com
DIY Pinwheel by Childhood101.com

This Week’s Theme: Wheels.

Of all the DIY pinwheel projects I found, I chose this one because along with showing us how to make the pinwheel, it also provides instructions on making the colorful paper! Plus the whole process is super simple with just a few materials.

Christie Burnett, of Childhood 101, demonstrates how to make this pinwheel which she found in Jean Van’t Hul’s book: The Artful Year. Here it is in action:

About her website she states:

…As a new stay at home Mum, I found that I missed having something for me, as my work had always been such an important part of my life. Childhood 101 became an outlet for my thoughts and ideas and feelings and it allowed me to connect with readers and other bloggers; I love that whatever your parenting style or philosophy is, there are others around the world feeling, thinking and sometimes even enjoying a similar journey.


“Pinwheel, pinwheel
Carry me across the sky
Pinwheel, pinwheel
With the geese I’ll fly
Across the mighty oceans,
Over desert drifting by”

Ellis Paul

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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