22-013 Seeing

Today’s Mandala
We See What
We Want to See

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
– Wayne Dyer

The eye sees all, but the mind
shows us what we want to see.
– William Shakespeare

Your thoughts shape your vision.
You see what you choose to see.
– James Rosenquist

Today’s mandala took an interesting turn. When I pulled out the previously poured paper this morning, I looked at it and then looked at it again…that’s when I saw the woman standing in a mystical fantasy world with a bouquet of flowers, wearing a poofy-sleeved dress, big hair, and a big flowery bonnet. It looked like something from an impressionistic painting. (see the pre-drawn image below)

I poured this painting (with ink) over the summer. I liked the colors when it dried and thought it will make for an interesting painting in the future. Never saw the woman standing there…until today.

Part of me wanted to be true to the idea of drawing a mandala over it, another part wanted me to be true to what I saw; but once I saw her I couldn’t un-see her. The woman won out and yet mandalas still became part of the painting.

So what’s the message (along with the above quotes):

  • be willing and open to seeing beyond the obvious
  • there’s more to our existence than what meets the eye
  • be willing and open to ”look again”…with a different ”eye”
  • be willing to question what we see
  • when in doubt, see through through the eyes of the heart


The Mandala Lady

btw: here’s how it started…can you see the woman? or do you see something else?

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