22-021 Thoughts

Today’s Mandala
Thoughts into Form

Change your thoughts
and you change your world.
— Norman Vincent Peale

As water by cooling and
condensation becomes ice,
so thought by condensation
assumes physical form.
Everything in the universe
is thought in material form.
— Paramahansa Yogananda

All thoughts create thought-forms.
When you think about anything,
an electrical impulse is released.
Its charge gathers into a form that
appears clairvoyantly like a soap bubble.
The thought-form creates, manifests,
and attracts that which is similar to it.
— Doreen Virtue

Today’s MotD reminds us of the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts can influence our mood, our motivation, our mindfulness…negatively or positively. They can influence how we interpret the world externally and internally, as well as how and what we experience externally and internally.

Our thoughts also have the power to be in tune with the world around us. Ever have a thought about someone and then just happen to see them or they call you out of the blue? Ever have a thought of wanting a particular experience and then ”out of the blue” an opportunity to have the experience ”magically” appears? Thought into form.

Know that when we act on autopilot without thought, we tend to operate by default where events appear to happen by chance. With mindfulness and intention we can create the experience we want to create; with our thoughts we can create the ”form”.

For instance, I once visited the local IRS office just as they were opening. Before entering I set the intention that I wanted to leave this office by 10 am with a smile on my face. I let go of how it was going to happen, only declaring the time I wanted and how I wanted to feel. I walked out of there at 9:30 am, completely satisfied with the results…which put a smile on my face.

Our thoughts have the power to move mountains, let’s choose them wisely.


The Mandala Lady

btw…here’s how it started…

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