22-023 Stories

Today’s Mandala
The Stories We Tell

Everything’s a story –
You are a story – I am a story.”
— Frances Hodgson Burnett

There is no greater agony than
bearing an untold story inside you.”
— Maya Angelou

Ever read someone’s story and think:
This is exactly what I needed to hear today! Your story will do that
for someone else.” — Kelly McNelis

Today’s MotD prompts us to ponder these questions about ourselves:

  • what’s our story?
  • is it true?
  • is it still valid?
  • does it serve us?
  • is there another side to the story?
  • is it time to rewrite any of our outdated stories?

And some questions to ponder about others:

  • do we truly know other people’s stories?
  • are their stories processed through our point-of-view filters?
  • can we be objective listening other people’s stories?
  • do we take the time to ask questions to better understand the stories of others?
  • on some level can we relate to some aspect of their story?
  • do we make it safe for others to share their stories?

Chances are as we honestly tell our stories and openly listen to the stories of others, we’ll find that we have far more in common than we realize. At the same time, we’ll also expand our world by learning of experiences beyond our own. And if we share with a sprinkling of humor…bonus points!


The Mandala Lady

btw…here’s how it started and a close-up:

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