22-042 Sunrise

Today’s Mandala
Sunrise [in the Valley]

There’s always a story.
It’s all stories, really.
The sun coming up every day is a story.
Everything’s got a story in it.
Change the story, change the world.
— Terry Pratchett

Rest but never quit.
Even the sun
has a sinking spell each evening.
But it always rises the next morning.
At sunrise, every soul is born again.
— Muhammad Ali

Every sunrise is a blessing,
it’s an opportunity
to learn something new and
to create something
that can benefit others.
It also gives us a chance to make amends.
Use it wisely before sunset.
— Euginia Herlihy

Today’s MotD blesses us with a gentle reminder about starting over. When we fall down, rise again. Every new day is a gift with new opportunities to give it another go, a new day to rise up, a new day to put ourselves out there in a big (or small) way, a new day to do it even better than we did it yesterday.

We are also being reminded that the Powers That Be (Those beyond our 3D world) are cheering us on, holding us in Love and Light.

And just for the fun of it… check out ”Brand New Day”


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this…

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