22-060 Reverberation

Today’s Mandala

“The reverberation often exceeds through
silence the sound that sets it off;
the reaction occasionally outdoes by way
of repose the event that stimulated it;
and the past not uncommonly
takes a while to happen,
and some long time to figure out.”

— Ken Kesey

“I have been using delay and reverberation
since the middle 1960s.
I use them to make what is almost
inaudible to the ear, audible.
I do not use them to play loudly
but to make the higher harmonics heard.”

— Bill Dixon

“Who can calculate the
trajectory of a molecule?
How do we know the creation
of worlds is not determined by
the falling of grains of sand?
Who, after all, knows the reciprocal
ebb and flow of the infinitely big
and the infinitely small,
the reverberation of causes
in the chasms of a being,
the avalanches of creation?”

— Victor Hugo

Today’s MotD reminds us of the cause and effects of our actions and reactions. Some act of kindness we do that seems quite insignificant can actually reverberated into something truly magnificent. We have no idea how our simple gesture (a smile, a compliment, a helping hand) can change a person’s life who in turn changes the lives of other people and so on.

When in doubt, be kind or be silent, then let it reverberate.


The Mandala Lady

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