22-080 Mystery

Today’s Mandala

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon,
that every human creature is constituted
to be that profound secret
and mystery to every other.”

— Charles Dickens

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity.
That, and surprise.”

— Julia Cameron

“The important thing is
not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existence.
One cannot help but be in awe
when [one] contemplates the mysteries
of eternity, of life,
of the marvelous structure of reality.
It is enough if one tries merely
to comprehend a little of this mystery
each day.”

— Albert Einstein

Today’s MotD is … well … a mystery. What we see in it today will be different than what we see in it tomorrow or next week…which is pretty much how we experience life on earth on a daily basis. Our quest can be to solve life’s mysteries or we can choose to be present with what is, knowing that somehow it will all work out…maybe not the way we wanted or expected but…

“…if you try sometimes, well,
you just might find,
you get what you need.”

— Keith Richards, Mick Jagger

And from “Shakespeare in Love” …


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this…


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