22-127 Bouquet

Today’s Mandala

“If you look the right way,
you can see
that the whole world is a garden.”

— Frances Hodgson Burnett

“There are always flowers
for those who want to see them.”

— Henri Matisse

“A flower does not think of competing
with the flower next to it.
It just blooms.”

— Zen Shin

Today’s MotD asks us to celebrate our differences as if admiring a large, beautiful bouquet of many different blooms: different colors, different sizes, different fragrances, different shapes, different textures.

Having a bouquet with all the same flowers can be beautiful in its own right however it’s difficult to differentiate one flower from all the others. A mixed bouquet, on the other hand, offers us a captivating array of magnificence that changes as we look at it from different angles. It’s full of interesting surprises and awakens our senses, grounding us in the moment.


The Mandala Lady

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