22-153 Enough

Today’s Mandala

“You alone are enough.
You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

— Maya Angelou

“It’s about waking up
in the morning and saying:
No matter what gets done
and how much is done
and how it’s done,
I’m enough
and I’m worthy of belonging
and love and joy.”

— Brené Brown

“Walk as if you are enough.
Eat as if you are enough.
See, look, listen as if you are enough.
Because it’s true.”

— Geneen Roth

Today’s MotD reminds us that WE ARE ENOUGH…just the way we are. On our consciousness level (our soul) we’re already perfect, we’re already ENOUGH, there’s nothing for us to do…just be. On our human level, we are imperfect, and all we are meant to do is to strive to always do and be better…even if it’s a small step at a time.

Unless we are doing something that requires precision (surgery, rocket science, hanging a door), we are reminded that sometimes good enough is ”perfect”. For instance, this style mandala is usually done with rulers and strict adherence to placement so that everything lines up ”perfectly”. However, since it was drawn loosely, the precision is wonky (there’s at least one boo-boo in it) however the idea of it is still there, lending it a more organic feel. It almost seems like it’s breathing.

__Doing__ things that are good enough is part of today’s MotD, however the bigger message is about __who we are__ and that we are ENOUGH. We are encouraged to let go of adhering to others’ standards of which we will never be enough. The approval we need most is of ourselves.

“I’m good enough,
I’m smart enough,
and doggone it,
people like me.”

— Stuart Smalley, Saturday Night Live


The Mandala Lady

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