22-155 Remove

Today’s Mandala

“Truth is by nature self-evident.
As soon as you remove the cobwebs
of ignorance that surround it,
it shines clear.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

“Always do good to others.
Be selfless.
Mentally remove everything
and be free.
This is divine life.”

— Swami Sivananda

“When you seek the presence
of your creative Spirit
and are filled with passion
about virtually everything
you undertake,
you’ll successfully
remove the roadblocks
from your life
and enjoy the active presence of Spirit.”

— Wayne Dyer

Today’s MotD gives us a different perspective on ”finding yourself”. Rather than searching high, low, and deep for ourselves, know that we are already found. We’re already here. Just remove the blocks that keep us distracted (positive and negative) from Center. Remove the fears, remove the negative thoughts, remove the monkey mind chatter, remove our reactions to distractions, and lo and behold…there we are.

“The sculpture is already complete
within the marble block,
before I start my work.
It is already there,
I just have to chisel away
the superfluous material.”

— Michelangelo

In this exchange between Oprah and Michael Singer, he explains how we can remove (let go) of our blocks to Self.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:


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