22-201 Delicate

Today’s Mandala

“The good part about getting older
is you stop trying to prove anything
to anyone, including yourself.
All you are in the pursuit of
is collecting experiences –
beautiful, fragile little soap bubbles
that you store in your heart,
and every once in a while
you pull one out
and gaze at the delicate pictures
it shows you.”

— Twinkle Khanna

“The voice of conscience is so delicate
that it is easy to stifle it;
but it is also so clear
that it is impossible to mistake it.”

— Madame de Stael

“True strength is delicate.”

— Louise Berliawsky Nevelson

Today’s MotD encourages us to be kind to ourselves, to go easily and delicately as if taking care of a precious new born. Too often we are taught to be tough on ourselves, as if a sign of strength, and we rarely outgrow it. When in reality, our true power comes from our gentleness and grace.

So when we hear our internal voice putting us down, instead of resisting it or stuffing it away, delicately encage with this voice. Stop for a moment and acknowledge it softly. Then offer an alternative. For instance, if we hear ”you should have done that better!”, breathe, then softy say to this voice something like ”I hear what you’re saying and you’re probably right. For now, this is the best I can do. And next time I’ll figure out how I can do it better.

And when we hear an internal discouraging voice that says ”you don’t want to do that”, take a deep gentle breath, acknowledge what you just heard, and delicately say to this voice something like: “you’re probably right and yet I’d like to try it anyway. Yes, I may fall flat on my face but at least I’ll know I tried. And who knows, maybe it will actually work out and I’ll succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

Know that the harsh, negative internal voices we hear are most likely wounded parts of ourselves that have yet to receive any form of healing or acknowledgment. Approaching them delicately allows them to feel safe to come out and share their stories with us…and thus the healing begins.


The Mandala Lady

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