22-255 Listen

Today’s Mandala

causes me to find
the existence of truth
behind the veil.”

— Lorena McKennitt

“Listening is where love begins:
listening to ourselves
and then to our neighbors.”

— Fred Rogers

“meditation vs prayer
= listening vs talking”

— Elizabeth Gilbert

Today’s MotD encourages us to listen, especially to that which comes from within. When we throw out to the Universe a question, issue, or problem, Its response can come from a variety of sources. If we are tuned into our Inner Wisdom, we will likely receive a response from within (a sensing, a word or phrase, a bodily sensation, a dream, etc). Otherwise, the response will likely come from an outside source (a particular song just happens to start playing, a line from a movie seems to jump out of the screen, we meet someone who just happens to provide the info we need, etc.)

Our challenge becomes improving on our listening-to-our-Inner-Voice skills. Tracy Kennedy of LifeHack.com offers 9 ways to do exactly that. Some of which include: find quiet, pause, ask your body, and take a step. She shares that “It takes time to grow and nurture your inner voice, especially if you’ve ignored it or pushed it to the side for some time now. The more you listen and hone your skills, the better and faster you will become at hearing and listening to your intuition, your gut, your innate wisdom.”

““Be still.
The quieter you become,
the more you can hear.”

— Ram Dass


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with these and shimmer views:

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