22-322 Divine Masculine

Today’s Mandala
Divine Masculine

“The divine masculine
and divine feminine are far beyond
our mistaken ideas of gender labels.
Instead, it is a pathway to eternal bliss
when harnessed in balance and harmony.
We as humans
are capable of channelizing
the power of these sacred energies
and create a place
that defines humanity
in its true spirit.”

— Bhanushree Goyal

“When the Sacred Masculine
is combined with the sacred feminine
inside each of us,
we create the ‘sacred marriage’
of compassion and passion in ourselves.”

—Matthew Fox

“The Divine Masculine
is what allows us to “do,”
to take decisive action,
but not aggressive or angry action
despite what we might assume.
Instead, it is based on open,
loving, and faith-based action.
The masculine listens to
the Divine Feminine’s knowledge,
receives her intuitive wisdom
with openness,
and then acts on that knowledge
with confidence.
This action is based on knowing
that we are a part of something
much larger than ourselves.”

— Elizabeth S. Mitchell

Today’s MotD invites us to embrace the Divine Masculine which is in each one of us…regardless of our biology. From MindBodyGreen.com Sarah Regan states: “The concept of the divine masculine comes from masculine archetypes seen throughout many spiritual traditions.“ It’s about archetypes … not about women and men; more about yin-yang energies. The Divine Feminine is more inline with creative energy while the Divine Masculine is more in line with doing energy. With that in mind we can call upon our Divine Feminine to help us with insights, ideas, and intuition, while calling upon our Divine Masculine to help us bring these ideas into physical form.

Regan continues “…The divine masculine is very action-based, focused on doing rather than being. Where the divine feminine represents Universal Motherhood, spiritual author of The Self-Love Experiment Shannon Kaiser explains that the divine masculine is Universal Fatherhood energy. It’s all about things like structure, logic, and taking charge.”

…”…divine masculine energy relishes in doing things out in the real world, like having adventures, making change, saying what’s on your mind, and taking risks, she adds. It’s also an energy that’s often associated with things like logic and critical thinking. … [it] is at play with things like assertiveness, confidence, speaking up for yourself, and sometimes, fighting the good fight.

Our challenge becomes acknowledging that connecting with both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine gives us a whole range of tools to help us take a balanced approach to our lives. With today’s MotD we are challenged with evaluating where in our lives could we use more of our Divine Masculine: such as, where do we need more confidence, where could we be more assertive, where could we do with a little risk-taking? In her article, Sarah Regan offers some ideas on how to connect with our Divine Masculine.

”The conscious masculine
has no shame
for the love in his heart
for he knows to feel is sacred.”

— Ara


The Mandala Lady

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