22-346 Enchanting

Today’s Mandala

“Every age can be enchanting,
provided you live within it.”

— Brigitte Bardot

“The enchanted day is only enchanted
if we ourselves believe
that anything is possible.”

— Mark O’Brien

“I have always tried to live
by the ‘awe principle.’
That is: Can I find awe,
wonder and enchantment in the most
mundane things conceivable?”

— Craig Hatkoff

Today’s MotD inspires us to see things through the eyes of enchantment. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “enchanting” as: powerfully pleasing, appealing, or delightful. From Tonya Leigh she offers this about enchantment:

“Some call it magic, allure, seduction or charm… I prefer to call it enchantment. And it runs through the veins of each moment.  From the smile of a stranger to the wind brushing your face, it’s as if the world is begging you to notice its charm.  It’s what we’re all after – to have our breath taken away, to feel passion and to see possibility…Pure Enchantment.”

In her enchantment post, Tonya she asks this question (along with some suggestions): Why Don’t You Make Every Day Enchanting? Essentially it’s about adding some “sparkle” into our lives. Our challenge becomes reconnecting with the magic found in each one of us that tends to become shrouded with layers of “reality”. Basically we may have forgotten our joy and magic.

For instance, instead of just walking in the neighborhood as usual, imagine we are walking through a magical town where in each house we could find someone who is gifted with a magical talent that helps people in some way. Instead of just going grocery shopping as usual, do it dressed up in some magical way, imagining we’re the fairy godmother (godfather) of groceries and turn it into an adventure, maybe carry a magic wand. Instead of just going to work as usual, we could imagine that we’re secret agents from MagicLand and for everyone we come in contact with we silently send to their hearts the keys to unlock their deepest desires. What a day that would be!

Since everything is energy, who is or what is to prevent us from making everyone and everything enchanting.

Let yourself be enchanted
in small ways.

— Guy Kawasaki


The Mandala Lady

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