Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico

173 – Our Lady of Guadalupe Mandala

Along with creating mandala art and mandala coloring books, I also do personalized mandala readings for people. Lately the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe has appeared in several readings…enough to catch my attention…enough to inspire me to learn more about Her.

During my research, I found the above image of the Modern Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, built in the 1970’s. Notice anything interesting about the shape of this building???

Nautilus House by Javier Senosiain

93 – Nautilus House Mandala

Just about everything in The Nautilus House, designed/created by organic architect, Javier Senosiain, is round or curved; “the floor is the logarithmic spiral, adapting itself to the land.” This 2007 mollusc mansion, near Mexico City, is so filled with mandalas and mandala-like elements, that it would be easier for me to point out where there isn’t one!