60 – Vintage Brooches Mandalas

Vintage Brooches Mandalas by Jenn Ski
Vintage Brooches Mandalas by Jenn Ski

How cool are these! What a fun set of vintage enameled brooches…owned and photographed by artist and illustrator, Jenn Ski, as posted on her flickr page.

Here passion for modern and mid-20th century art and design definitely shows in this collection. What a delightful way to add color and fun to any outfit. Makes me wish I had kept mine from years ago.

On her page she states:

I’ve been collecting these for two years, and yes I wear them often. Sorry these are not for sale.

You can also check out the enamel brooch flickr group she created at www.flickr.com/groups/1220407@N20/

Happy Coloring!

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