61 – Strawberry Wholesome Bowl Mandala

Wholesome Bowl Mandala by Amalia Bussard
Wholesome Bowl Mandala by Amalia Bussard

Amalia Bussard created this wholesome bowl of healthy food and turned it into a beautiful work of mandala art…almost too pretty to eat!

Per her Instagram post, this particular “mandala” is made with beet powder, banana nice cream topped with strawberries, green grapes, pumpkin seeds, buckinis, coconut, goji berries, and star fruit.

On a recent BoredPanda.com post, about her art she states:

Using food as my medium, I create vegan/vegetarian culinary art pieces, photograph them, and then share them with the world on a daily basis via Instagram. My drive to share these food art mandalas with the world stems from a deep desire to inspire people. With a little guidance, we are all capable of living a healthy, wholesome lifestyle!

Her collection of food art mandalas thus far is quite spectacular.

Happy Coloring!

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