160 – Cacao Banana Wholesome Bowl Mandala

Cacao Banana Wholesome Bowl by Amalia
Cacao Banana Wholesome Bowl by Amalia

On her June 8, 2015 Instagram page, Amalia Bussard, the_wholesome_bowl, put together this symmetrical bowl of colorful goodness using cacao banana nice cream topped with strawberries, blackberries, pumpkin seeds, coconut, almonds, and goji berries.

As part of her post she states:

Be grateful for all experiences, high and low, for they are what has shaped you into the beautiful, strong, brilliant, and brave person you are today.

Always a delight to visit her site.

btw…I previously featured Amalia’s delectable art on MotD – 61 and MotD – 105.

Happy Coloring!

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