63 – Chandra Mandala

Chandra Mandala by NASA
Chandra Mandala by NASA

This beauty comes from outer space!  To be more specific, it comes from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which is part of NASA’s fleet of observatories including the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Some science-y stuff about this “mandala”:

“…an expanding shell of debris called SNR 0519-69.0 is left behind after a massive star exploded in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy to the Milky Way. Multimillion degree gas is seen in X-rays from Chandra, in blue. The outer edge of the explosion (red) and stars in the field of view are seen in visible light from the Hubble Space Telescope.”


For me this “mandala” shows the beauty of energy in motion (gas and debris expanding from a star exploding)…as well as presenting millions of “mandalas” that make up the starry background of this image. Because of its translucency we can get a sense of the 3-dimensional-ness of this expansion.

Someday I plan to create 3-dimensional mandalas…hopefully, without blowing anything up. 🙂

About Chandra:

“Chandra allows scientists from around the world to obtain X-ray images of exotic environments to help understand the structure and evolution of the universe.”

Cool stuff!

Happy Coloring!

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