73 – Circuits Mandala

Circuits Mandala by Leonardo Ulian
Circuits Mandala by Leonardo Ulian; Photo by Filippo Armellin

Italian artist, Leonardo Ulian creates his intricately fantastic mandala art using pieces of electronic circuitry. This 2014 piece, entitled “Technological mandala 31” was made with electronic components, copper wire, paper, and wood frame and measures 122 cm x 122 cm.

“I wanted to show what has been hidden from the eyes of the consumer, representing electronic circuits as extraordinary objects where the perfection of the design can becomes almost something ethereal. The shapes and colors of the single components intrigued me for pure aesthetic reasons with the consequent loss of the actual functionality of the component itself.”

On the Inhabitat.com web site, about Leonardo and his art it states:

While the pieces do not accomplish a physical or computational task, they lay bare the the machinery of our manmade universe much like an anatomical dissection. He takes the strictly physical and rearranges their shapes and positions to examine the way our minds operate by abstracting the technical into the fanciful.

Leonardo proves that anything, even things operating behind the scenes, can be used to create amazing works of art.

Happy Coloring!

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