113 – Sadhu Mandala

Facial Mandala - Photograph by Mohd Irman Ismail,
Sadhu Mandala – Photograph by Mohd Irman Ismail,

What a compelling photograph by Mohd Irman Ismail as part of National Geographic’s Photo of the Day. When I spotted it earlier this week I just knew I wanted to showcase it on MotD. I love that Mohd shot this photo in black and white; it makes it that much more powerful and dramatic.

In Sanskrit sadhu means good man. Mohd states that it “refers to renouncers who have chosen to live a life apart from or on the edges of society to focus on their own spiritual practice.”

As for the portrait itself, the mandala symbolism permeates this entire man: the wrapping of the fabric around his head, the beads around his neck, the dots around his face, the mandala designs on his cheeks, the dots that form circles on his forehead, the curve of his lower lip, and of course, the eyes…those deep, penetrating all-knowing eyes.

From his NG profile page the photographer states:

“My name Mohd Irman Ismail. Over the last few years ago, photography has become my passion. There is something about photography that relaxes and excites me. “

It shows.

Happy Coloring!

If you would like your mandala to be considered for the “Mandala of the Day”, read how on the Participate page. It’s easy! Or recommend one you’ve seen via my Contact page.

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