116 – Swing Mandala

Swing Mandala - Photo by Patrik Stollarz
Swing Mandala – Photo by Patrik Stollarz

Now here’s an interesting example of re-purposing something old (unused nuclear cooling tower) into something new (190′ amusement park vertical swing ride) found at Wunderland Kalkar in Kalkar, Germany. The round opening of the chamber provides a wonderful round frame for the 12 spokes of the “mandala” swing ride.

I’m a big fan of most amusement park rides…especially roller coasters. Rides that spin you around in circles (ironically) tend to mess with my head and stomach…I’ll spare you the details.

Here’s a great view from the bottom of the chamber. Along with riding on the swings, you can also opt to sit in a center seat to ride up the tower itself. Outside the tower wall, they built a climbing wall…very clever.

Vertical Swing Ride - from the bottom
Vertical Swing Ride – from the bottom

Read this fascinating story of how Wunderland Kalkar came to be along with other photos of this delightful park. Congratulations to Dutchman Hennie van der Most for thinking outside the box and being creative!

When I’m blessed with the opportunity to visit Germany, I would love to visit this park. And instead of riding on one of the swings, I’ll sit on a center seat that rides up the tower…thank you very much 🙂

Happy Coloring!

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