184 – Adinatha Mandala

Adinatha Jain Temple Ceiling - Photo by Beth Moon 527
Adinatha Jain Temple Ceiling – Photo by Beth Moon 527

British photographer Beth Moon captured this amazing mandala ceiling photograph at the Adinatha Jain Temple at Ranakpur while on a “2-week trip to Delhi and Rajasthan with Explore in March 2010.”

About her photography she states:

Passionate about travel, art, architecture, nature and more. Interested in photography as a medium to capture and explore these realms.

What an incredible piece of architecture. I love everything about it: the symmetry, the texture, the details, the powerful energy radiating from it, and even its monochromatic coloring. It blows my mind that people actually took the time to create something so beautiful for a ceiling.

To me, it seems like something that when you stand directly underneath its center, it would feel like either some higher power energy would download powerful insights into your soul or you could allow your energy to flow up to it allowing you to connect with the higher vibrations beyond our 3D human world into the dimension of enlightenment. Or maybe it’s just an incredible ceiling and I have a vividly wild imagination.

To learn more about this temple, Japanese architect, Takeo Kamiya, wrote an interesting chapter about this temple in his Architectural Magazine article “JAINA ARCHITECTURE in India” from 1993-1994.

Yet another place to add to my ever-growing “must visit” wish list.

Happy Coloring!

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