202 – Pyramid Mandala

Pyramid Valley International Meditation Center
Pyramid Valley International Meditation Center

Lavi, of Lavi Was Here blog site, shot this photo of the Pyramid Valley International Meditation Center near Bangalore during a 2014 trip to India.

As she describes her visit to Pyramid Valley IMC:

…a meditation center in the shape of a giant pyramid. Pyramid meditation is a type of meditation done inside (or under) a pyramid and is said to provide a more powerful and focused meditation experience. The pyramid is 102 feet tall, is fitted with 640 Himalayan crystals in the walls, and had many chairs in it to sit in silence with eyes closed. It also had a spiral staircase that visitors could walk up to sit in the “King’s Chamber”, which is 32 feet high and is the most energetic spot in the pyramid.

What an awesome pyramid. At first glance it seemed surreal to me. When I saw that it was for real, I knew I had to showcase it here on the MotD.

I LOVE the spiral design on the side of it. While technically a spiral instead of a circle, the energy radiating from it felt like a mandala. Besides, it does include circular shapes along the path of the spiral.

From another interesting blog site and post by StockResearch52, I found this image that included another side of the pyramid. Even though this side has an actual mandala on it, it’s the spiral side that felt more powerful to me.

Side View by stockresearch52.wordpress.com
Side View by stockresearch52.wordpress.com

I really appreciate Lavi’s intention with her travels and writings:

I want my experiences to inspire solo travel and encourage the desk job daydreamers to follow their travel passions. Lavi was here aims to motivate travelers to get lost in the culture and wonder that this world has to offer.

Where shall we go today?

Happy Coloring!

If you would like your mandala to be considered for the “Mandala of the Day”, read how on the Participate page. It’s easy! Or recommend one you’ve seen via my Contact page.


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