221 – Crater Lake Mandala

Crater Lake by NASA Earth Observatory
Crater Lake by NASA Earth Observatory

Earth provides us with today’s MotD: Crater Lake, located in Oregon…the great state in which I’ve called my home since 2000. Seven years ago we stayed and visited this amazing natural wonder (read more about my trip…). When you’re there it’s difficult to grasp the perspective of its diameter: 6 miles. It’s just huge!

I love how the crater itself is mandala-like in shape and the brilliant blue color of the water. Even more so, I love how Wizard Island (great name!) within the lake is also circular. Yes you can visit the island if the weather allows for it. Unfortunately when we went, the boat rides were closed…which means we need to go back for another visit!

About the lake from NASA’s Earth Observatory’s perspective:

Crater Lake is formed from the caldera of Mount Mazama. Part of the Cascades volcanic chain, Mount Mazama sits between the Three Sisters volcanoes to the north and Mount Shasta to the south. The catastrophic eruption of Mount Mazama that occurred approximately 7,700 years ago destroyed the volcano while simultaneously forming the basin for Crater Lake.

While interesting, It’s more fun to go with this version of its history as found on Oregon State University’s Volcano web page:

The Klamath Indians of the pacific Northwest tell a legend about a fight between two chiefs. Llao was the chief of the Below World and was at Mount Mazama in Oregon. Skell was the chief of the Above World and stood at the summit of Mount Shasta in northern California. The two mountains are only a hundred miles apart. As darkness covered the land the two chiefs threw rocks and flames at each other. Llao, injured, fell back inside of Mount Mazama and was never seen again. A huge hole was left where he fell into the Below World. Over time, the hole filled with water to make Crater Lake.

BTW…when the weather is clear, you can see Mt. Shasta from Crater Lake.

Mt. Shasta from Crater Lake at sunrise
Mt. Shasta from Crater Lake at sunrise – 2008

What round shapes do you see when you view something from overhead?

Happy Coloring!

If you would want your mandala or your idea for a mandala to be considered for the “Mandala of the Day”, read about how on the Participate page. It’s easy! Or recommend one you’ve seen via my Contact page.


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