250 – The Louvre Mandalas

The Louvre - photo by Virginia Jones
The Louvre – photo by Virginia Jones

American photographer, Virginia Jones, shot this image of the archways leading into the Cour Carrée which is part of The Louvre Palace complex in Paris, France. Look at these splendid mandalas adorning the insides of these arches. I visited the Louvre in 1996 and totally missed these.

As Virginia states in her blog post about her photo:

I bought a lovely little book years ago titled Quiet Corners Of Paris. …it features often overlooked places in Paris that you can seek out free of charge. …It mentions that the idea of a QUIET place in one of the most visited places in Paris might seem unusual… Most visitors enter via the Cour Carrousel side and it’s teeming with visitors almost any time of the year. This “square courtyard” is best entered from the side of St. Germain-l’Suxerrois on rue de l’Armiral-de-Coligny.

For a little perspective, I also added this photo by Fernando Rangel looking through the back side of the courtyard and through the arches of Virginia’s photo. And if you click on this image you can then see more clearly the glass pyramid entrance of The Louvre…the one most people (including me) use to access the museum. Next time I’m in Paris I’m going to spend a little more time outside to check out the architecture a little more closely.

Fernando Rangel - Le Louvre - La cour carrée
Fernando Rangel – Le Louvre – La cour carrée

So here’s a case where if you forget to look up once in a while, you could miss out on something wonderful. Paris is now on my must-go-back-to-visit list.

Happy Coloring!

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