281 – Hula Hoops Mandala

Marawa and her Hula-Hoops
Marawa and her Hula-Hoops

Marawa the Amazing holds the world record for hula-hooping 150 hoops at one time! I still need to learn how to do it with just one hoop…how does she do it? She can also roller skate in high heels whilst hooping – but she prefers to do it separately. She truly IS amazing!

Here’s her America’s Got Talent audition:

And let’s talk about the hoops…they make perfect mandalas and in her case she gives them fun bright metallic colors; making for a more delightful, playful experience.

In her featured article, “The power of spin: Hula hoop your way to happiness“, and where today’s photo came from, Harriet Walker wanted to know more about hooping and worked with Marawa to learn some tips about using a hula hoop as a fitness tool.

From the articles, Marawa states:

“Most people I talk to about hula hoops say ‘oh, I used to be able to do it when I was a kid, but not any more’,” Wamp says. “But of course you can! They haven’t thought about the fact that when they were a child, they were probably half the height and a bit smaller – so you need a bigger hula hoop. You want one that comes up to your hip. For most people, they pick up one of these and pretty quickly they can do it.” She pauses. “For some people it can take a little longer.”

I’m embarrassed to admit that even as a child, the ways of the hoop alluded me…it always fell to the floor within 2 or 3 times around.

In doing a bit more searching I found a series of Marawa’s videos where she teaches you how to hoop properly. Now I see where I’ve gone wrong in the past.

Being “The Mandala Lady” it’s seems only fitting to reconsider the hula hoop and give it another whirl. 🙂

Happy Coloring!

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