290 – Pilot Butte Mandala

Pilot Butte - Bend, Oregon
Pilot Butte – Bend, Oregon
image source: unknown

On a recent trip to Bend, OR, my husband and I discovered that within its boundaries, you can drive (or walk/run) to the top of a 500′ tall extinct volcano known as Pilot Butte. It’s our MotD because from an aerial view, we can see that it forms a mandala…around the base and at the observation plateau at the top.

The scary part about the drive up the road is that without a side railing, the person on the passenger side of the car (namely me) has a clear (and dramatic) view of the steep drop down to street level. The super cool part about the road is that it forms a fibonacci spiral. The awesome part of the adventure is the fantastic view … on a clear day anyway … of the surrounding terrain and snow-capped mountains (Mt. Batchelor, Three Sisters, Mt. Hood).

West View from Pilot Butte
West View from Pilot Butte
photo by Cacophony

We often think of the best way of traveling from point A to point B is a straight line. In climbing Pilot Butte, however, it’s the curved line, the spiral that works best.

To translate this into our own personal lives….sometimes the best way to attain a goal is via a curved route.

Happy Coloring!

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