292 – Mammatus Mandala

Mammatus Clouds
Mammatus Clouds

I found this great photo of mammatus (round puffy) clouds on www.ItWorksForBobbi.com, a site maintained by Canadian blogger, Bobbi-Jo. Per her blog post, her husband captured this photo after they experienced a severe thunderstorm.

Per AccuWeather’s page about mammatus clouds, they state:

Mammatus result from the sinking of moist air into dry air. They are in essence upside-down clouds. The sharp boundary of mammatus is much like the sharp boundary of a rising cumulonimbus cloud before an anvil has formed.

Okay…I just had to do this…

mammatus clouds - upside down
mammatus clouds – upside down

How cool is that? Sometimes turning something upside-down gives us a whole new perspective and understanding.

Happy Coloring!

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