330 – La Piedra Pintada Mandala

Painted Rock - photo by John Wiley
Painted Rock – photo by John Wiley

This amazing round-ish rock formation seems like it should be in some ancient region of the world but you would be mistaken. Known as La Piedra Pintada (Painted Rock), it can be found right here in America…central, California to be exact. I love when Mother Nature creates mandalas…and what an interesting one this is. Look at all the different lines, colors, and shapes. Very creative!

Photographer, John Wiley, captured this image while flying overhead and wrote about his flight and on-foot trip to Painted Rock on www.edhat.com. On the Ancient World Blog site they offer more information about the rock and its petroglyphs.

From Painted Rock
From Painted Rock – image credit: Nature Ali

From the San Luis Obispo Guide site, they state:

A quiet local treasure, dating back thousands of years, is Painted Rock, a sandstone monolith standing forty five feet above the Carrizo Plain floor. Early native Salinan, Chumash and Yokut Indians decorated the rock with colorful petroglyphs and pictographs. Considered a sacred site, Painted Rock is still used by modern day Chumash for religious rituals.

Since the dawn of time, humans feel the need to creatively express themselves and their experiences. Without the luxury of art supply stores, early beings used what they had available to them: rock walls served as their canvas and different color minerals around them served as their paint.

Today’s MotD reminds us to let go of excuses like not having enough supplies or the right ones…be creative and express ourselves with what we have before us.

Happy Coloring!

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