2016-107 – Hot Tea at -40º Mandala

Hot Tea at -40º by Michael H. Davies
Hot Tea at -40º by Michael H. Davies

This week’s MotD theme: Water

This is what happens when you toss hot tea into the air at sunset at -40º in the frozen Canadian tundra as filmed by nature photographer, Michael H. Davies. How fascinating to see how because of the intense freezing temperatures, hot tea instantly converts into beautiful sprays of ice crystals. And how brilliant to capture it as it frames this crisp, clear Canadian sunset.

About Michael and his photography:

I try to capture the soul and personality of all my creations ignoring current artistic trends and by casting aside any impressionistic or expressionistic connections. I am interested in realism, capturing the subject exactly as it is.

The seemingly endless arctic tundra has helped me realize the bounty that nature provides. My goal is to attempt to share experiences and give the viewer a small glimpse into the harsh Canadian wilderness.

You can view more of his spectacular photos via his online portfolio.

Inspiration for Today

Water is one of those things that can come in many forms. In Michael’s photo we witness it instantly going from hot liquid to ice crystals before it even hits the ground. Today’s mandala reminds us how we too can change in an instant.

When we change our minds, we change our experience.

Happy Coloring!

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