2016-131 – Campfire Mandala


This week’s MotD theme: Ring of Fire

Hiker, backpacker and photographer, Jim Warnock (trail name – Tater) of Ozark Mountain Hiker, shot this beautiful photo of his campfire after a day of hiking. It was also an entry for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward back in February 2015. “After hiking in the snow today, I was reminded of what a “reward” a warm campfire is at the end of a cold winter’s day.”

I love sitting by a campfire. It’s one of the few things I can truly get lost in for hours. As the flames shift and move, it fascinates me how different images appear in the fire; like watching transformational clouds in the sky. And how about all the different colors that pop in and out, from cool blues to warm oranges to hot white/yellows.

About Jim and his blog:

I explore the Ozarks by trail and like to carry a camera. On this blog I’ll share pictures and thoughts related to wherever the trails may lead.  You’ll also find a few thoughts from my dog, Hiker. Our goal is to inspire you to lace up your hiking shoes and head into the woods.


Inspiration for Today

Fire is considered one of the four classical (pre-scientific) elements in nature, along with water, air, and earth. Jim’s photo shows us the positive aspects of fire: it provides warmth, a heat source for cooking, keeping unwanted critters at bay, and light for seeing in the dark.

Fire also has the power to destroy. Yet when looked at from the aspect of cycles, from out of the ashes, over time, comes new life.

Happy Coloring!

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