2016-151 – Lotus Temple Mandala

Lotus Temple - photo by Nicholas Chorier
Lotus Temple – photo by Nicholas Chorier

This week’s MotD theme: Temples

Photographer, Nicolas Chorier, of Nicopix, captured this amazing view of the beautiful Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, the Baha’i House of Worship. Designed by architect Fariborz Sahba and built in 1985, this stunning structure represents, in a very symbolic way, the essence of the Baha’i faith and Indian architecture, especially the use of the Lotus Blossom.

From Feel-Planet.com they offer this spectacular view of the temple. You can view more of their Lotus Temple images (inside and outside) via their June 2015 blog post.

Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple

BTW…Nicolas shot his photo using a technique called Kite Aerial Photography! You can view more of his beautiful photos via his online gallery.

Inspiration for Today

From the Baha’i House of Worship page about the symbolic meaning of the lotus it states:

From earliest history, the lotus flower appears to have symbolized for Aryans primarily the idea of superhuman or divine birth, and secondarily the creative force and immortality. The traditional Indian and Buddhist explanation is that the glorious lotus flower appears to spring not from the sordid earth but from the surface of the water and is always pure and unsullied, no matter how impure the water of the lake may be. It thus expresses the idea of supernatural birth and the emergence of the first created living thing from the primordial waters of chaos.

Upon looking at Nicolas’s aerial photo of this Divine structure, it appears as if the blossom opens to the sky; much in the way we can view our crown chakra like a lotus opening us up to our own Divinity and Creativity when we meditate.

Even if it’s only for a moment, today’s MotD encourages us to connect with our Creative Spirit, our Divine Self. It can be something as simple as taking a few deep breaths and visualizing the air going in and out of a lotus blossom that sits upon our heads.

Happy Coloring!

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