2016-158 – Tségháhoodzání Mandala

Window Rock - photo by Ben FrantzDale
Window Rock – photo by Ben FrantzDale

This week’s MotD theme: Holy Moley!

Engineer and photographer Ben FrantzDale shot this stunning photo of Tségháhoodzání, a sandstone formation located in Window Rock, Arizona near the border of New Mexico. Along with being a landmark and Sacred Mountain to the Navajos, it also serves as the seat of government and capital of the Navajo Nation, the largest territory of a sovereign Native American nation in North America.

From LAPAHIE.com:

Tségháhoodzání (The Perforated Rock), which is adjacent and north of the Navajo Service administration buildings, is important in the Water Way Ceremony (Tóhee). It was one of the 4 places where Navajo medicine men go with their woven water bottles to get water for the ceremony that is held for abundant rain.

It intrigues me as to how the window came to be there. I understand that over time water, wind and weather take its toll on the natural environment creating fascinating or mind-boggling formations. But why is the hole preciesly there versus to the left or right of where it currently is. These are things I ponder when I see something like this. And it’s definitely on my must-see-in-person wish list.

View more of Ben’s photo via his flickr album page.

Inspiration for Today

Today’s MotD asks us to be open to the possibility of other dimensions exist and that throughout the planet (and beyond) we can find portals or vortices that allow us to tap into them at any time.

And because everything is energy, know also that we can experience these portals without having to be physically present with them. We can use today’s photo as a tool to explore beyond our three dimensional, time/space world. Where shall we go today?

Happy Coloring!

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