2016-193 – Coronelli’s Globe Mandalas

Coronelli's Globes - photo by Jean-Louis Aubert
Coronelli’s Globes – photo by Jean-Louis Aubert

This week’s MotD Theme: A-Round the Globe in 7 Days

French professional photographer, Jean-Louis Aubert, captured this fascinating perspective of two amazing globes made by 17th century Franciscan friar, cosmographer, cartographer, publisher, and encyclopedist, Vincenzo Coronelli, considered the Prince of Globes. What a beautiful marriage of art and science.

From the Ultimate Globes web site about these two globes (along with some great photos) :

Coronelli is best remembered for the pair of huge (12.6 feet across) terrestrial and celestial globes he made for Louis XIV in 1681 to 1683. These weighed about two tons each and could fit 30 men inside at one time (there are doors built into the globes).

To give you a feel for the beauty and scale of these globes, here is a picture of the two of them, exhibited at the Grand Palais.

About Coronelli from the International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes site:

300 years ago, Father Vincenzo Coronelli globes made in various dimensions, from the largest to the smallest. He was also the founder of the “Academia Cosmografica degli Argonauti”, the first geographical society in the world. His name will live on in the “International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes” (formerly Coronelli World Federation of Friends of the Globe “).

Coronelli Globes - photo by Pierre Metivier
Another view of the Coronelli Globes – photo by Pierre Metivier

View more of Jean-Luis’ photos of the Coronelli Globes via his online gallery and Pierre Metivier’s globe photos via his flickr page.

Inspiration For Today

Coronelli’s globes remind us of what can happen from a marriage of art and science. Too often in our modern culture we separate the two. We are encouraged at this time to find ways to creatively express ourselves and all that we do. Be Spectacular!

Happy Coloring!

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