2017-023: Mallory Wheeler Mandala

Antique Mallory, Wheeler & Co Door Knob<br />source: AntiqueDoorHardwareCollector.com
Antique Mallory, Wheeler & Co Passage Knob
source: AntiqueDoorHardwareCollector.com

This Week’s Theme: Door Knobs

I found this intricately designed 1880 passage knob on Antique Door Hardware Collector‘s online shop. What a spectacular specimen of a mandala design if ever I saw one! It inspires me! It makes me want to change out all of my boring door knobs throughout my home.

From Historic House Parts about Mallory, Wheeler & Co. (1835-1913)

Mallory, Wheeler, & Company, of New Haven, Connecticut won numerous awards for their hardware, particularly for their reversible lock. Mallory Wheeler apparently began in 1835 as Pierpont – Hotchkiss in New Haven, CT. Mr. Hotchkiss was the patentee of the mineral door-knob. Benton Mallory was hired as a bookkeeper for the company in 1840. Mallory purchased John Hotchkiss’s share after John died in 1843 and the company became Pierpont, Mallory & Co. The company grew rapidly until Mr. Pierpont retired in 1852 and sold his shares to Mallory and John Davenport, and the company was renamed Davenport & Mallory Co., then developed into the Davenport, Mallory & Lockwood from 1858-60, then the Davenport, Mallory & Co. After John Davenport’s death in 1868, his grandson, John D. Wheeler partnered with Frederick Mallory, eldest son of Benton Mallory, and the company became the Mallory, Wheeler & Company. The company was the most prominent exhibitors of builder’s hardware at the 1878 Paris Exhibition, displaying nearly 500 products, where they were awarded a gold medal by the Paris judges.

Inspiration for Today

“Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door.”
~  Emily Dickinson

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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