2017-066: White and Rose Gold Ring Mandala

White and Rose Gold Ring with Topaz and Diamonds by AnnsJewelry.com
White and Rose Gold Ring with Topaz and Diamonds by AnnsJewelry.com

This Week’s Theme: Jewelry

Custom jewelry designer, Ann Marie Cianciolo, of AnnsJewelry.com, fabricates her jewelry by hand using silver, gold, or copper with precious and semi-precious stones. All of her pieces are creatively unique. I especially like this stack of two rings made with rose and white gold, topaz and diamonds. The spirals give it an added boost of vibrant energy. What a fun piece this would be to wear!

From her home page:

Upon close examination, everyday life can be extraordinary. It’s the hidden humor, duality, and mischief in daily life that inspire my sculptural one of a kind jewelry, infusing it with surprise. The unlikely juxtaposition of mundane objects in my work depict an absurd miniature world. Things just seem funnier when they are tiny . . . I invite you to take a closer look.

View more of her awesome round rings via her online gallery.

Inspiration for Today

“End-of-the-world stories tend to ring true. I’ve always been drawn to them, but as I wrote my own, I found surprising pleasure in creating a world that is so radically changed, yet where there’s so much meaning and value in every small and ordinary thing we have, and take for granted: hot showers, enough food, friends, routines.” ~ Karen Thompson Walker

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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