2017-065: Shell Pendant Mandala

Shell Pendant by Sage and Synergy
Handmade Shell Pendant by Sage and Synergy

This Week’s Theme: Jewelry

Crystal healer and jewelry maker, Susan Waters-Shaulis, of Sage and Synergy, created this beautiful and unique mandala-like seashell and resin pendant. What a creative way to turn pieces of shells into a mandala.

About this piece she states:

This modern, galactic beauty is made from real sea shells and resin and fitted with 100% solid, sterling silver fittings. It measures 2.5 inches. The chain is a 24- inch silver-plated, snag-proof snake chain.

About herself and her connection with rocks and crystals:

Ever since I was a small child, I had an infatuation for nature in general. Rocks and animals were my passions and I was always seeing spirits. I knew things about animals that a small child doesn’t normally know and freaked my dad out often with my visits from other spirits. When not hanging with my best friend down the street, I would take walks in the woods by myself and dig up rocks to bring home to my mom to put near her plants.

View more of her unique jewelry via her online Etsy Shop.

Inspiration for Today

“As a matter of habit, I stop and pick up seashells that interest me, and I always put the ones I really like in a lovely Baccarat bowl in my living room. It’s my way of remembering that I once was young and carefree.” ― Adriana Trigiani, from Rococo

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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