2017-084: Carousel Lights Mandala

Carousel Lights by dailyphotoexploration.wordpress.com
Carousel’s Circle of Lights by dailyphotoexploration.wordpress.com

This Week’s Theme: Lights

This long-exposure photo of a carousel in motion gives us a delightful, and somewhat ghostly, image of circling lights. I love how the lights come together to form rings of light around the center column of lights. Mesmerizing!

About this image from the photographer:

Merry go Rounds make for great nighttime photos with all the lights and motion.  When I was taking these photos people kept walking in front of the camera then they would realize I was taking a photo and quickly run to get out of the way.  Didn’t matter to much though because with the long exposure they became little more that blurs on the photo!

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“As much as thinking this upsets me, I’m starting to see that I need the merry-go-round much more than it needs me, and in the end my choice is to hop back on or get left in the dust.” ~ Wendelin Van Draanen

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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