2017-089: Mandala Artists Mandala in Color

Mandala Artist Mandala in Color by me (Maureen Frank)
Mandala Artist Mandala in Color by me (Maureen Frank)

This week’s theme: Mandala Artists

I present my coloring/painting of this week’s Mandala of the Week: Mandala Artists (from Sunday’s MotD post). Essentially I used most of the colors I used with last week’s MotW painting, however I gave it a different spin with this mandala. Normally I use a matte medium to paint with to thin out the color a little bit and tone down the paint’s shiny nature.

With this mandala, I painted directly from my tube of paint. I dipped my brush into the tube and then spread it onto the paper. It gives it a thicker texture and a shiny surface which is difficult to see in this image. Inspired by paintings from this week’s Mandalas of the Day, I doodled the white lines in patterns that I associated with each of the five colors.

Overall, I used M. Graham transparent acrylics on Canson’s mixed media paper, enhanced it with a fine and a medium point uni-ball signo white pen.

In the next day or two, I’ll be posting images of my progress through this painting on my ArtProgressions.com blog site.

Inspiration for Today

“Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life.” – Pema Chodron

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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