2017-144: Abstract Umbrella Mandala

Abstract Umbrella Painting by Calligrapher Achyut Palav
Abstract Umbrella Painting by Calligrapher Achyut Palav

This Week’s Theme: Umbrellas.

Today we go a bit abstract with this hand painted umbrella by calligraphy artist Achyut Palav of Navi Mumbai, India. At first I thought I saw repeated images of the Eiffel Tower around the top and then realized that the images “happened” by way of his ink pourings on the umbrella. Very cool effect.

About calligraphy and his art he states:

Each letter in every script known to man holds an eternal power, an individual beauty in its vertical, horizontal, angular lines, in their continuity. I have made efforts to bring forth calligraphy not only as art form but a expressive medium where letters in all their nakedness become alive, vibrating, pulsating with its inherent, shape, giving a canvas space to your thoughts, a meaning to the sounds & actions.

Along with creating vibrant art pieces on umbrellas he also teaches calligraphy and umbrella paintings through his Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy.


“Just as writing can become calligraphy when it’s creatively, skillfully, and consciously performed, so can all other activities become art. In this case, we are reflecting upon life itself as an artistic statement—the art of living.”  ~ H.E. Davey

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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