2017-156: Wagon Wheels Mandala

Custom Wagon Wheels by HansenWheel.com
Custom Wagon Wheels by HansenWheel.com

This Week’s Theme: Wheels.

Doug Hansen and his team at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop in South Dakota make and restore authentic wagons and carriages, including the wheels. The ones shown here are called logging wheels. They stand about 10 feet tall and are authentically made and/or restored.

About logging wheels:

The wheels were developed by a wheelwright in Michigan in 1875. They worked great on fairly level ground but as the logging industry moved west on hilly and mountainous terrain the lack of a brake to slow or stop the wheels on a downgrade proved to be dangerous. A design by Redding Iron Works of California called a slip tongue was developed, where the load would slide forward on the tongue lowering the logs to the ground and braking the logging wheels. Then for the return trip the tongue was locked in place.

If you’re ever in the area, take of tour of their shop to see “craftsmen, including a wheelwright, blacksmith and coach maker, build and restore authentic, horse-drawn vehicles such as stagecoaches, mud wagons, hitch wagons, chuck wagons, and sheep wagons.”


“Visualize a wagon wheel as a complete team. A leader might be the hub of the wheel at the center. Now suppose the spokes are the connecting relationships the leader is building with people on the outer rim of the wheel. If the hub is removed, then the entire wheel collapses. In a situation like that, if a team loses the leader, the entire team collapses.” ~ Mike Krzyzewski

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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