2017-163: Clematis X-Ray Mandala

Clematis Radiograph by George Taylor
Clematis Radiograph by George Taylor

This Week’s Theme: X-cellence.

George Taylor, of Taylor Imaging, is a pediatric radiologist and a photographer of note with a stunning collection of conventional and x-ray art. With this x-ray of a clematis flower, he made what was already a beautiful piece of nature’s art into something more extraordinary, enhancing it’s delicate nature and subtle textures. From this perspective it almost feels as if the clematis is reaching out to us.

About George’s radiographs from Miller White Fine Arts:

Photography is more a passion than a hobby for George. His subjects vary widely, from landscapes to street portraiture, from floral radiographs to circus performers. His images are widely published and have been exhibited throughout the Boston area. Although most of his recent work is in the digital realm, he works with a number of other media, including silver prints, Polaroid transfers, and liquid emulsion photographs on rock and slate.

View more of George’s radiographs via his online x-ray art gallery.



I draw
the curtains-
in the sunshine
the clematis beams a

Brian Strand

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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